Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Story Continues....

So, in order to be that party girl that every guy wanted to meet and spend time with while at the strip club I had to drink copious amounts of booze to keep me going! And believe me that was a lot of drinking! I could be anyone that they wanted me to be just for that glorious buck. Or should I say for a few hundred bucks. Not all nights were lucrative so I had to pour it on even more during those times. The best part of the year was when the crab fishermen would come in and boy were they a lot of fun! And boy did they ever spread the money around too!!!! They would choose a few girls and sit with them all night and get lots of dances too and share the fun!  

Sometimes the guys would just pay me to sit and talk to them which I didn't particularly like, I had rather move around just doing my table dances and not having to talk to them. There were the regular friends who were just friends in the bar, that is, with whom I would sit and talk to just for relaxation and to get away from the guys that I had to work around. Those friends were so cool, some of them were from a well known biker gang, some were what some might consider to be geeks, and some were just regular guys but they were all so nice to be around.

Everyone always asks me if I spent time with customers outside the bar. And that is an emphatic NO!!!!!! I spent time with the friends that I had from inside the bar but I would not call them customers. Generally, me and another friend of mine with whom I worked, would hang out with these three guys and laugh our asses off and had so much fun that we had to make ourselves hit the floor again and go out and get dances.
I was married during the entire time that I was a dancer and my Greek husband who loved the money so much, spent every summer in Greece as I stayed most the time working my butt off. There were a few summers that we went to Greece together and even one time that we traveled all the way from Alaska to NC by car and then flew to Greece. Then we drove all the way back to the winter no less! But that is another story.

I was a showgirl part of the time that I was a dancer at one of the world famous gentleman's clubs and that was a lot of fun. Wearing costumes and doing shows of different themes such as a firefighter, a belly dancer, a Spanish dancer, a genie, a ballet dancer, a police officer, a sailor, and many more. Performing on stage was the highlight of my night, I was in my own little world and I didn't even care if anyone was watching but it was good money though. I had heard other dancers talk about how they had worked at clubs where all they did was dance on stage and I sure would have loved to have done that! At the club where I was a showgirl there was the "meat rack" as it was so fondly called, where the men would sit around the stage and tip the girls and I might add that it did make the stage show a bit more interesting if you know what I mean!

It was all a love-hate relationship that I had with my job. I didn't particularly like the girls that I worked with but I didn't hate them either, in fact, some were true blue friends. Generally I just didn't socialize with the girls, I was there to work and that was that! One girl that I did hang out with turned out to be a mastermind of a murder of one of my good friends (a guy). But that is another story. 

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