Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Friends are Right Because I am Writing a Book

I think that I am going to stop the stories about my past here because my friends are right about not giving it all away on the blog because I am writing a book albeit years to go but nevertheless it is still going to be day. So there may be some pics of my past but not so much full-on stories about it. I may say something here and there as a point of reference but otherwise I am not going to give it all away.

Feel free to ask me questions and I will gladly answer them either in the comments or in the next post. I don't mind writing about my past or present but I just don't want to tell the whole story in a blog when it is going to be in book form in the future.

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ScottCrawley said...

Hi, you left a comment on my blog...LOL....this is where it gets funny :D at the bottom you said I left a comment on your blog and now I'm looking for it :D